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She who will die in space

Soo(yeun) Kim

boss@sooyeun.kim, Instagram
A Cultural Hybrid of Korea x Dubai x USA,
Designer x Typographer living in Los Angeles.



Type Design, 2018

Arroyo is an extended square sans serif font family consisted of seven weights ranging from thin to black and a special bold stencil style. The typeface will soon be available for purchase at duotypefoundry.com.

-Special Thanks to Greg Lindy



Thesis, 2018

America has the fastest growing population of hybrid cultures in the world. With the advent of social media; there is a tendency towards cultural homogenization. This is a process in which smaller, more localized cultures disappear in favor of more popular, dominant cultures, until there remains only one global culture. To sustain our diversity we should really be celebrating our differences. Hybrid cultures produce a generation of individuals who were born and raised in the United States are often called the second generation or hyphenated Americans. These hybrids experience a cultural conflict between their parents culture and the youth culture they live in. Their unique ethnic characteristics and traditions enforced upon them by their parents turn out to be racial barriers that they have to overcome and or embrace in American society. This is an act of assimilation as an attempt to be accepted by society. Often times the end result is an alienation from both their heritage and the American society leading to cultural confusion. We see a need to provide a voice and a familial community for these lost souls. MADE BY is a channel broadcasting the voice of those who are living in between their heritage and young American culture utilizing all forms of media and art. 

MADE BY is a channel for cultural hybrids.

Soon available at madeby.world.

-Special Thanks to Stephen Serrato 



Book Design, 2017

A publication for BLACKOUT, a fictional exhibition that would celebrate and commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the birth of Hip-Hop culture after the Blackout of New York City in 1977.

-Special Thanks to Stephen Serrato


OASIS (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Interactive Exhibition Design, 2017

OASIS is an interactive installation to create excitement around NASA's Europa mission, set for launch around 2022. With the Jet Propulsion Lab as a client, our goal was to generate public engagement with a flyby mission to one of Jupiter's moons, Europa. NASA's drive for this mission is the belief in the existence of water under the thick layers of ice covering the moon's surface - and where there's water, there is life (possible extraterrestrial life!).

OASIS is an installation for global citizens to unite and celebrate the discoveries of possible extraterrestrial life in our mysterious universe, tied with one universal commonality of water.

-Partnered wtih Jen Sorrell



Editorial Design, 2017

OM is short for Operating Manual; it is a magazine created to provide a tool for the stimulation of individual creativity and the development of human potentialities by understanding and appreciating the experience shared by other inspirational earthlings.

Poster inserts:

Preview of the following issues:

-Special Thanks to Annie Huang Luck 



Industrial Design, 2013

During my practice in industrial design, my indulgence was in studying and understanding wood. Especially focused on the relationship of a humans' body to a wooden form, these experiments were testing the boundaries of the raw material.



Book Cover Design, 2016

A Series of book cover designs for three of George Orwell’s novels using typographic explorations to express each story.

-Special Thanks to Greg Lindy



Poster Design, 2016

A series of two posters designed for the Typographics Festival - an annual design festival for people who use type.



Identity Design & Art Directing, 2016

La Stella is an independent fashion brand lead by a young Korean female fashion designer Stella Suh. The pure and gracious image of the brand is influenced by her former employer Marchesa Bridal. La Stella harmoniously blends the boundaries between her Eastern traditions and Western education.

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